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CBD Live Resin Cartridges - Pally's New Line

CBD Live Resin Cartridges - Pally's New Line

We are proud to introduce our new line of CBD Live Resin cartridges. These are the first of their kind on the CBD, hemp-derived vape market. Single-ingredient extract from fresh frozen greenhouse grown hemp flower, we never add any terpenes to these cartridges. This laborious extraction technique is brand new and is the best method of preserving the original flower's terpene profile at peak levels. We are proud to offer it in a hemp-derived form in CCELL hardware from the best extractors and growers in the US. We source our live resin from the extractor who made the 2020 High Times Hemp Cup Winning Extract - Asheville Extracts and then fill it in authentic CCELL cartridges under GMP conditions. Currently, our Cherry Mom strain is available with more strains coming soon: Carolina Peach and T1 x OG. We will continue to bring in new strains every month and would love any feedback on strains our Pally family would like to see - comment below! 

Knowing your cartridge is made from single-ingredient, organically grown hemp flower with complete seed-to-sale transparency is the Pally way. Nearly every hemp-derived vape product will have an ingredient in it that cannot be traced back to its organic, original orgins - if it's even organic...

Purity is our priority,

Your Pally

Shop CBD Live Resin Cartridges while these strains last!

Pictured: Carolina Peach live resin @ashevilleextracts



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