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Lifter CBD Flower, Strain Review

Lifter CBD Flower, Strain Review

What can we say, we love Lifter. It really does Lift us up and get us going throughout the day. 

Lifter brings an uplifting yet soothing energy that will get you through your day and leave you feeling great. A strong and tangy terpene profile on this Lifter makes it truly unique. High CBD and overall cannabinoid content. The buds on this strain are very impressive and are some of the best looking we have in house. 

Have peace of mind with Clean Green Certified Organic flower. Almost all flower on the market will not have this certification of purity, so we really think it matters now most of all. The hemp market has been saturated heavily with bad products, especially flower, and we are here to make sure customers get the best, cleanest, and most effective products out there. 

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Product Facts: 

20.59% Total Cannabinoid Content, Hand-trimmed, Terpene-rich

Clean Green Certified Organic, Grown by Mission Lago Farms in Southern Oregon, always lab tested and pesticide-free

Comes in a 62% humidity-controlled glass jar, powered by Integra Boost

Ounces come in resealable vacuum-sealed bags with Integra Boost

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