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Live Resin Cartridge Review: Russian Auto

Live resin vape cart

We are proud to introduce our new line of hemp-derived live resin cartridges made using our proprietary, closed-loop extraction method. The flower is grown on our partner USDA certified organic  farm in Oregon and picked at peak freshness. The flower is then flash frozen within four hours to subzero temperatures and expertly extracted using n-butane in our proprietary closed loop system. This process captures the true essence of the flower at its peak freshness and distills it to its purest form. At nearly 10% fresh frozen terpenes and 10% minor cannabinoids, it is an extract that you can smell, taste, and feel the difference. 

We use absolutely no additives or botanical terpenes, this product is single-ingredient and 100% hemp-derived. Always under 0.3% Total THC. Filled in authentic, industry standard AVD cartridges. 

Russian Auto boasts a citrusy terpene profile that leans in the sativa/hybrid range, however everyone is different! If you are a fan of citrusy terpene profiles and looking for something to get you going through your day, Russian Auto is your go to.

Give it an inhale and feel the power to take on the day stress-free and with confidence! Click HERE to shop Russian Auto and our other stains. Now available in 1 gram cartridges. 

Always full-panel lab tested. 


Jun 29, 2021 • Posted by Andras Olah

I would like to request a full panel lab test for all your products

Jan 24, 2021 • Posted by Pete

I’m a little confused about your description and marketing of these vapes. The “live resin” part makes sense until you talk about extraction using butane. WTF? After that, I think we’ve kind of left the live resin tag and benefits behind us. Perhaps I’m missing something. The odd thing is, these do seem to have more flavor than other supposed “live resin” carts I’ve tried. Though, I think using 10% terpenes might have a lot to do with this. Most other carts I’ve tried seem to top out at around 5% terpenes. It would also be nice if you posted the full lab results including contaminants rather than having to sign in elsewhere to access.

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