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Our Process

Our Process

After an expert cure and hand-trim from our partner farm, Mission Lago Farms, we store our flower in large mason jars paired with 62% Boveda humidity controllers. This ensures the freshest product with the most possible structural integrity, cannabinoid content, terpene content, and moisture content in the buds. We can guarantee all Pally hemp flower products will be as fresh (or better) as the day they were harvested on the farm in Southern Oregon, you will never get an overly dry, brittle, bad-tasting bud. All of our flower is packaged to order, which means that your flower gets jarred only after your order is placed. We then use an Integra Boost pack in each individual jar to ensure the buds will arrive and stay fresh for months (or even years) to come.

We don’t believe hemp was made to sit around in a mylar bag or jar for months, a practice held by many in the space.  

Try out some of our most popular Certified Organic hemp flower strains:

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