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Pally's Sustainability Practices

Pally's Sustainability Practices

It's Earth Day in 2020 and we wanted to write a brief post about how we go about sustainability. Here at Pally, we wanted to make it our mission to tackle the use of virgin plastics in CBD product packaging and figure out a way to create an entirely plant-based packaging system. We did just that and created one of the first-ever, hemp-based paperboard boxes on the market with the help from Neehah paper and Studio on Fire. Additionally, we've partnered with Sana Packaging and use their proprietary plant-based and reclaimed ocean plastic tubes to safely store our vape products and pre-rolls. While our flower packaging is not hemp-based as there was not a viable solution on the market up to our quality standards, we wanted to make it a priority to use only glass and metal components that could be easily reused and recycled. Pally seeks to be a major influence in bringing sustainability and sustainable business practices to the hemp and CBD market. We are currently seeking out partnerships to become one of the first hemp companies to off-set the carbon emissions for manufacturing and shipping our products. 

Check out our line of vape cartridges featuring our one-of-a-kind, hemp-based packaging solution:    


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Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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