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What's In Your Vape? Let's Talk About "Natural" Terpenes

What's In Your Vape? Let's Talk About "Natural" Terpenes

Today's hemp-derived vape market is full of brands trying to capitalize on a growing market without giving much concern as to what exactly is in their product. With what has been in recent news in regards to vaping, consumers need to understand exactly what is in the product they are using and how to identify clean products.

"Natural" terpenes are ingredients commonly listed on almost every hemp vape out there.

Pally has a problem with natural terpenes. These terpenes are derived from fruits, plants, trees - isolated down to specific molecular compounds and mixed together to create a "profile" of what is thought that particular strain tastes like.

Not only do these "profiles" not taste very good or like a cannabis strain, but they are also not as effective as cannabis-derived terpenes. You will notice the difference immediately. 

Many brands that use natural terpenes source them from the same four large companies and have no idea where these "natural" or "botanical" terpenes actually came from. Pally has direct relationships with our terpene cultivars, based in Oregon and Northern California, and we work closely with them to ensure the highest quality product. By doing so we are able to fulfill our mission of providing the tastiest and purest hemp-derived vape products on the market today, with seed-to-sale transparency for our two ingredients.  

Pally believes in the power of terpenes and their ability to provide additional benefits than cannabinoids alone. Terpenes play a powerful role in the cannabis plant that is often left unrecognized. The effect terpenes and cannabinoids have when used together, rather than alone, can be instrumental to the user to provide what they are exactly looking for. 

We seek to be one of the few companies to be a leader in craft hemp products with a priority for taste, exceptional quality, and ultimate transparency. Pally rejects the movement of cost-cutting techniques that degrade product effectiveness and user health that dominate the market today. 

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