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What Does That Mean!? CBD Isolate, Broad-Spectrum, and Full-Spectrum

What Does That Mean!? CBD Isolate, Broad-Spectrum, and Full-Spectrum

Take a look at the ingredients of a friend's CBD tincture or vape product and you will likely find one of these three words CBD isolate, broad-spectrum, or full-spectrum. We want to break the "spectrum" down for you so you know what is best for you. 

CBD Isolate is the most common ingredient in many vape and tincture products. As its name suggests, it is pure isolated CBD. It is most commonly mixed with MCT oil, VG, or PG to make vape products similar to how most nicotine vape products are made. CBD alone gives a noticeable effect, however, we believe there is so much more to the hemp plant to take CBD in its isolated form. 

CBD Broad-Spectrum is used to describe a variety of cannabinoids in addition to CBD, such as CBC, CBG, and CBN. These cannabinoids have a variety of effects and when used in combination produce a pleasant effect for the end-user. Broad-spectrum also indicates that there is no detectable THC in the product.

Full-Spectrum describes the truest to plant experience with all cannabinoids available, including <.3% THC. Full-spectrum oil can be fantastic for pain. 

Although we recognize the power THC plays in the spectrum, we believe our broad-spectrum oil with over 25% CBC, CBN, and CBG and no detectable THC provides the most effective product for vaping with no psychoactive effects.

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