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White Whale CBG Strain Review

White Whale CBG Strain Review

CBG has been called the "grand-father" of cannabinoids, so we had to check out this new strain for ourselves. At Pally, we always strive to have the latest and most innovative hemp products, and we were not disappointed with this CBG. If you haven't tried CBG, we think you're missing out! This is the first commercially available Oregon-grown, Clean Green™ Certified Organic hemp flower on the market. It's one of our personal favorites as it provides this intense calm while leaving its user lucid and present. It is unlike any traditional THC or CBD strain and we guarantee you won't be disappointed by it.

Have peace of mind with Clean Green Certified Organic flower. Almost all flower on the market will not have this certification of purity, so we really think it matters now most of all. The hemp market has been saturated heavily with bad products, especially flower, and we are here to make sure customers get the best, cleanest, and most effective products out there. 

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What exactly is CBG?

Cannabigerol (CBG) is a non-psychoactive compound produced by cannabis plants, though usually only in trace amounts. Scientists refer to CBG as the “stem cell of cannabinoids,” as it is the precursor to CBD, THC, CBC, and other minor compounds. Pure CBG plants can be isolated by skilled breeders, but–until now–have not been commercially available anywhere in the world. We believe it is one of nature’s truly rare gifts and are ecstatic to be the first to provide it to consumers.

Mission Lago Farm's seed genetics team has worked for 3 years to create high cannabinoid content, CBG predominant plants (Type IV) using traditional breeding techniques at their federally-legal industrial hemp research facility in Oregon. The result is a very special plant whose cannabinoid profile is 99.5% CBG. There is so little THC produced by this rare hemp plant that many of our concentrated products remain below the federal limit (0.3%), which allows us to ship a wide range of products to customers anywhere in the US and many other countries internationally. We are convinced that its usefulness as a daily dietary supplement will eventually surpass both CBD and THC.

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