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About Us


I'm Pally and I take the hemp plant very seriously. I wanted to start a company aimed at addressing the growing health and transparency concerns surrounding hemp and hemp-derived vapor products. 

We take steps no other companies take to ensure the highest quality product produced at the highest standards. 

Our broad-spectrum, THC-free hemp oil is processed at a world-class laboratory in Oregon. Experts in the extraction process, our processors are able to provide us the cleanest and most effective concentrates in the world for our customers. We then fill and manufacture our products at our partner cGMP, ISO 9001 certified lab.

We only use pure, uncut oil and cannabis-derived terpenes. We never use any solvents, cutting agents, or MCT oil in our concentrates - common in nearly every hemp-derived vape product on the market. 

We source only the highest quality cannabis-derived terpenes from industry leading farms and distillers, an ingredient standard held by few manufacturers in the space, as most turn to cheaper, botanical terpenes sourced from unknown international flora, not the cannabis/hemp plant. We truly believe real natural terpenes directly from the cannabis or hemp plant create a far superior product. 

Additionally, we source some of the best certified organic hemp flower from our award-winning partner farmers and geneticists at Mission Lago Farms and cure it to perfection with airtight mason jars paired with Boveda controllers. At a time of intense market saturation caused by new farmers, we believe our product superiority appeals to the consumer who may be wary about any old hemp flower on the market. Clean Green Certified Organic, always. 

Due to a lack of effective tincture and salve products on the market, we decided to also offer high potency salves and tinctures to ensure maximum relief. 

By taking these additional steps, we are able to provide our customers with the highest quality hemp-derived products and vapor products manufactured at the highest possible standard. We think this counts most at times like this and that's why we are here for you. 

Yours truly,