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Full Spectrum Delta 8 Live Terpene Cartridge


Full Spectrum Delta 8 Live Terpene Cartridge

One of the only true full-spectrum D8 live terpene cartridge on the market

1000mg Fresh Frozen terpenes with Delta 8 Distillate. 

~55% Delta 8 THC, 15% CBD, 3% CBC, 1.26% CBD

~10% fresh frozen hemp-derived terpenes

Strawberry Shortcake | Flavor Profile: Strawberry, Cake/Cookies | Effects: Hybrid

Sour Space Candy | Flavor Profile: Sour, Citrus | Effects: Sativa

Cherry Abacus | Flavor Profile: Cherries and Cola | Effects: Hybrid/Indica

Two ingredient extract, Delta 8 Distillate + Flash Frozen Terpenes from a USDA certified organic farm.

Extracted exclusively from hemp flower grown on our partner USDA certified organic farm

The trick to our process is freezing the flower just four hours after harvest to subzero temperatures, similar to the frozen fruit industry. This captures the true essence of the flower at its very peak freshness, a difference that you will be able to both taste and feel.

Filled in authentic AVD Cartridges

Free from all harmful Heavy Metals, Bacteria, Mycotoxins, Residual Solvents, or Pesticides

Click HERE to view Full Panel COAs for EACH strain from Oregon State verified, independent laboratories

Customer Reviews

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The most fire D8 carts

This is far and away the best delta 8 cartridge i've ever had in terms of taste and effects. Really have never tried anything even close to this.