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Hawaiian Haze

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Hawaiian Haze
Hawaiian Haze Hawaiian Haze


This Hawaiian Haze is true to its name with a terpene profile boasting pineapple citrus with sweet earthy, floral undertones. Every time we open up one of these jars we can't help but sniff a little longer. This is Pally's choice for sitting back and relaxing at the end of the day. This Hawaiian Haze will leave you truly satisfied with over 20% cannabinoids. 

15% CBD 

20% Total Cannabinoids

Always federally compliant <.3% THC delta-9 

Clean Green Certified Organic, Grown by Mission Lago Farms in Southern Oregon, always pesticide-free. 


Comes in a 62% humidity-controlled glass jar, powered by Integra Boost


Half and whole ounces come in authentic Mason jars


The Pally Difference

After an expert cure and hand-trim from our partner farm, Mission Lago Farms, we store our flower in large mason jars paired with 62% Boveda humidity controllers. This ensures the freshest product with the most possible structural integrity, cannabinoid content, terpene content, and moisture content in the buds. We can guarantee all Pally hemp flower products will be as fresh (or better) as the day they were harvested on the farm in Southern Oregon, you will never get an overly dry, brittle, bad-tasting bud. All of our flower is packaged to order, which means that your flower gets jarred only after your order is placed. We then use an Integra Boost pack in each individual jar to ensure the buds will arrive and stay fresh for months (or even years) to come.

We don’t believe hemp was made to sit around in a mylar bag or jar for months, a practice held by many in the space.   

Our Process

We sell only Clean Green™ Certified Organic hemp flower as we’ve found a flood of moldy or pesticide heavy hemp flower on the market. We believe in times of heavy saturation with lots of new farmers, there can be an element of uncertainty when it comes to the quality of your hemp flower. That’s why we believe that only sourcing Certified Organic hemp flower that has been fully tested by Oregon-state labs is what counts most of all. Hemp flower is an incredibly difficult plant to grow correctly and many are growing sub-par products at very low prices. We never cut corners, especially when it comes to this amazing medicinal plant, and we don’t think anyone should either.

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